Nintendo 3DS Tidbits: Colors, Cartridges, Charging Cradle, and more

With the Nintendo 3DS being unveiled at E3, we’ve seen three colors officially: Blue, Red, and Black. Now, these may not be representative of the final colors that are released, or even of the final design of the 3DS… but they’re still fun to look at. But did you know there are also Purple and Orange/Gold ones? Well, take a look at the five known colors…


But that’s not everything you may have missed. In regards to the layout of the buttons, here are a few tidbits (keep in mind, these may change for the final design):
– Volume control is a slider like the DS Lite, not buttons like the DSi
– There is now a wireless slider on the side of the 3DS to turn wireless on or off.
– There is a Home button below the bottom screen, just like on Wii.
– Stylus that extends to four inches, and is inserted on the top like the original DS instead of the side like the DS Lite and DSi.

Below, you can see the template for the box art for 3DS games, as well as what the 3DS game cartridge looks like. It seems like the cartridge is the same size as DS cartridges, but has a little hook on one side so it won’t fit into any DS systems and only the 3DS.


And finally, Nintendo mentioned that the 3DS has a “charging cradle” in addition to its AC adapter connector. This charging dock, pictured below, may or may not ever see a release. It’s unknown if it’s an induction charger or not, and even if this is its final design. And if it is released, we don’t know if it’ll come with the 3DS or not. Either way, it’s nice to look at so check it out…



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    Nintendo mentioned that the 3DS has a “charging cradle” in addition to its AC adapter connector.

  • james braselton

    hi i hope soo looks and be on the cradele a lot of the time battery life is 3 to 8 hours soo you play and charge at the same time

  • Aidenmarshall

    i call dibs on purple

  • Labat Alexandre

    Do you know which choice has been made to charge the 3DS? Micro USB, previous charger like on the DS/Dsi??
    I know a very good univeral charger, effective, updgradable and affordable:
    We will sonn be able to test the 3DS!
    enjoy Nintendo!

    • hattrick

      They are using the same charger port as the DSi (different from the DS).

  • Majeedgang

    ive pre orderd the nintendo ds 3ds

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      why did u

  • Hamaad619

    u can preorder the 3ds from future shop for 250$

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    i want peorple

  • Threeds29

    the 3ds is the coolest game system

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  • Tala tarazi

    i am sooooooooo glad there is a red color out yay

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    how much are they

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    ok i see the color changing 3ds but where do you buy them i have only seen the black,blue and red i want the coloring changing purple 3ds