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First Images from Bit.Trip 5

First Images from Bit.Trip 5

by Steve CullumJune 24, 2010

UPDATE: The images are from Super Meat Boy, unfortunately.  However, be sure to check out the video post at the bottom, which does explain how Super Meat Boy and others will be in Bit.Trip 5.

As I was watching GameTrailers first round of E3 2010 awards, I stumbled across something interesting that I did not personally see at E3. In the video for “Best Downloadable Game,” there were clips of a particular game that looked familiar, even if I hadn’t seen it before. Could this be the next in the Bit.Trip lineup? Perhaps I just missed it, and others have already seen this…but it is definitely brand new for me, and I wanted to share with other fans of Bit.Trip.

If you missed the interview with Gaijin Games about Bit.Trip 5, check it out below.  There are hints at co-op, cross-overs with Super Meatboy, and new characters.

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  • Leon
    June 25, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    That's Super Meat Boy. Commander Video was announced as a playable character awhile ago.

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