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3D Video Chat Is a Possibility on the 3DS

3D Video Chat Is a Possibility on the 3DS

by Bradley DeLorenzoJune 28, 2010

CEO Saturo Iwata on the future of the company’s new 3DS console.

Iwata sat down with Forbes at E3 to talk primarily about the 3DS.

“People are going to be able to navigate more easily throughout the game world with 3-D,” Iwata said. For example, playing the “Star Fox 64” space shooter title on the 3DS “you can more easily fly through the floating rings because you can more precisely comprehend the distance between you and the rings,” he said.

The 3DS is not only able to display games in 3-D, but also movies. Nintendo showed off a few trailers of 3-D movies such as How To Train Your Dragon on the 3DS. Iwata said he’s eager to partner with Hollywood studios to get movies onto its system.

While Nintendo announced a number of details about the 3DS, the launch date and price haven’t been set yet. Iwata hinted, however, that these details will be announced soon, along with more 3DS features.

“Technologically speaking, a variety of different things are possible with the 3DS, for example, 3-D video chat,” Iwata said.


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Bradley DeLorenzo
  • Yousuke Fullbuster Uzumaki
    June 28, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    I really cant think of a time where I will use this feature? Couldnt I rather just use a CISCO powered system with an HDTV and video chat that way, at least with a much bigger screen than the tiny screen here, not to mention the fact that I wouldnt have to be tied down to a WiFi network.

  • September 15, 2011 at 12:32 am

    i think it is a wonderful idea to have video chat on the 3ds. It doesn’t even have to be in 3d. just as long as u can video chat. Oh and maybe add some special effects to it so it will be twice as fun. But as long as you can video chat I’m fine with it.

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