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Wii Party – First Hour of Gameplay

Wii Party – First Hour of Gameplay

by Bradley DeLorenzoJuly 8, 2010

Board Game Island:
– Rail Road
– Ski Jump
– Dog Photography Contest
– Dodge the Medicine Ball

Board Game Island:
– Onion Chop
– Disco Spotlight
– Log Karate Chop
– Hide N Go Seek
– Avoid The Zombies

Board Game Island:
– Horse Race
– Fruit Counter
– Follow The Ball Under The Cup
– Cosmic Figure 8 Race

Board Game Island:
– Jigsaw Puzzle Race
– Shoot Can Out of The Air
– Golf Chip-in
– Mii Smile Photography Contest

Board Game Island:
– Buggy Bomber (Pop Balloons – Overhead View)
– Rail Road
– Ski Jump
– Winner Crowned for getting to the top of Board Game Island

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