100+ Minimalist Pokémon Wallpapers

These wallpapers are made by administrator Teej/TopHat to pay homage to our current 493 Pokémon as the Pokémon of the Isshu region are slowly introduced. No promises are being made on making one of each, but requests are being accepted on the forums. New backgrounds are so far being added daily.

All wallpapers are 1920×1080

Gotta Catch em’ All


Via Tumblrlog [GameFreaks] via [Albotas] via [pldh]


About the author:

Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

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  • Yourmom

    Post hijacked from here: http://blog.gamefreaks.co.nz/post/822204842 and originally posted here: http://albotas.com/2010/07/100-minimalist-pokem….

    Ever heard of source credit?

    • http://www.WiiNintendo.net hey_suburbia

      I came across this in my Tumblr feed and linked to my source 3 times in the post above. I always have and always will post the source for non-exclusive posts.

      • Yourmom

        So, by your own admission the [source] was a Tumblr blog, exactly how did you cite? You lifted the post verbatim and added 'Gotta catch 'em all' to the end, incorrectly I might add.
        In your feeble (now edited) reply you state you 'came across this in your Tumblr' feed, like it magically appeared. The only reason this appeared in your feed was because YOU chose to follow the originating blog or a blog you follow re-posted it.
        Your timely reply edit to remove the word 'exclusive' is interesting as your site is littered with tumblr content i.e. (http://www.wiinintendo.net/2010/07/16/nintendo-…) Tagged as 'Fanboy', 'Exclusive'. If you're not smart enough to rename content you've gotten directly from Tumblr, then you probably shouldn't be playing this game.

        In the end, a polite request for citation doesn't seem that much to ask now does it?

        • http://www.WiiNintendo.net hey_suburbia

          I'll gladly cite the source, I did 3x. When I find interesting Nintendo fan stories I post them under fanboy. Are you saying I got the wrong source? The tumblr feed showed the source being the one I posted… I put up a self hosted screenshot, quoted the source text, and put 3 links to the source page. I'm not sure how much I could have done.

          • Yourmom

            The point is YOU didn't find an interesting article.. Albotas did. Hence his completely valid and polite request for citation.

          • http://www.WiiNintendo.net hey_suburbia

            Duly Noted. I put your recommended sources in the post. Thank you for keeping me informed.

          • Yourmom

            Nice one.

  • http://albotas.com brownkidd

    [Citation needed]

  • http://theflashrpggames.com/ zororiver

    Hi, thanks for sharing! those surely are cute wallpapers

  • Lalalaa