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Conduit 2 – Info from E3 “Behind Closed Doors” Interview

Conduit 2 – Info from E3 “Behind Closed Doors” Interview

by Steve CullumJuly 28, 2010

E3 2010 has come and gone. However, we are not quite done sharing information. Both hey_suburbia and I were able to get 2 behind closed door interviews. The second was with the game Conduit 2. It was great to sit down with High Voltage Software and learn more about the upcoming Wii FPS. Below is a list of the information we learned during the interview.

  • Using the Quantum 3 engine developed for The Conduit 1.
  • The story picks up after The Conduit, out of the last portal/conduit.
  • It starts in an oil platform off the coast of Florida.
  • There will be more story than the first title. It will be told in several ways. They hired a writer, Jason Blair (worked on Prey).
  • Same controls as The Conduit; added sprint.
  • Added “Iron Sides.”
  • Sticky proximity mines added, which should be really fun in multiplayer.
  • All weapons from The Conduit return, plus 7 new ones (one lets you interact with objects; another uses a force field to collect what is shot at you from the front, letting you shoot them back).
  • More boss fights.
  • Motion Plus will be used for better control, but is not required to play Conduit 2.
  • Wii Speak will also be used for online multiplayer.
  • A “Headbanger” headset is also in development from PDP, and Conduit 2 will support it.
  • Co-op for 4 players both local and online.
  • 12-player online
  • Difficulty level is not set, but leaning toward setting your difficulty in the beginning for the entire game.
  • New online modes; one is “Control Point.”
  • In addition to friends, you will have a rivals list, which also supports voice chat.
  • Only allowed to choose map and time online, as to cut down setup time.
  • There will be an in-game store to customize and upgrade.
  • There will be DLC for patching purposes.
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