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(E3 2010) Epic Mickey (Wii) – Hands-On First Impressions

(E3 2010) Epic Mickey (Wii) – Hands-On First Impressions

by Steve CullumJuly 28, 2010

E3 2010 Hands-On First Impressions with hattrick

Game: Epic Mickey
System: Wii

It has been quite a while since Mickey Mouse has starred in his own video game. On top of that, it has been even longer since he has starred in a good video game. Quite a bit of press has surrounded Disney’s Epic Mickey. After spending some time with it at E3, I have to say that I am more excited than I was before. As a puzzle-platformer fan, this seems to hit my sweet spot. The combination of choosing to use paint or paint thinner to determine your path in the game takes me back to my childhood when I use to spend hours reading choose-your-own-adventure books. I would even re-read the book in order to find out what would happen if I chose a different way to go. There are some things that still need polish, such as the controls, but the overall ideas is great. It will be nice to have Mickey back again.

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