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Super Scribblenauts – New Trailer Showcasing Updates

Super Scribblenauts – New Trailer Showcasing Updates

by Bradley DeLorenzoAugust 16, 2010

Brand new trailer showcasing some of the more descriptive updates to the game, like a giant, purple, flying, flaming car. Super Scribblenauts, available October 2010, will include 120 brand new levels, hundreds of new objects in a robust dictionary and an adjective system with thousands of adjectives.

Created and developed by 5TH Cell, Super Scribblenauts offers hours of original entertainment, upgraded controls and innovative new gameplay mechanics. Players will be able to write any object that comes to mind and modify it in any way they desire, using adjectives that change the color, size, elements, behaviors and many other aspects of objects in the game. Multiple descriptors can be combined to produce inventive new items, allowing players imaginations to run wild for a truly unique and individualistic experience.

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