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I Still Blow on My Nintendo Games (Grown-ups Play Nintendo, Too!)

I Still Blow on My Nintendo Games (Grown-ups Play Nintendo, Too!)

by Bradley DeLorenzoAugust 23, 2010

I’ve confirmed it with friends my own age – I’m not the only adult female who still gets excited when a new Nintendo console comes out. Fortunately, I’m not even the only adult in my circuit who still owns her original front-loading NES. Yes, that’s the one with the cartridges covered in spit from the many times we “cleaned” them growing up in order to get them to play. If you’re smiling fondly at the memories, you’re my peer. If you’re confused and slightly sickened, you’re more likely my son’s peer. It’s a generational thing.

Nintendo: Family Fare

I am a very firm believer that Nintendo manages to create true family games – ones that I could play when I was eight and ones that my son can play when he turns eight, too. Many of the games have simply grown up with us over time. But then, as we all know, a classic is a classic. Growing up we played Duck Hunt and the installments of Mario Brothers. We knew about warp pipes and we were then when Mario the Raccoon guy started to fly.

We’ve slapped the top of the player and fired our special gun at the television more times that I can recall now, and I’m pleased that game systems have grown smaller, more realistic, but have retained their best value – entertainment you can share. Back then it was my sisters and I in pajamas all day playing and now it’s my sons and I carrying on the tradition. More games are available, but the classics remain. Someday I might even drag the NES out of storage and see if I can get the original version of Super Mario Bros. to play – just for nostalgia’s sake.

Nintendo: Looking Forward

I’m excited that my boys are old enough (finally) to start enjoying gaming with mom on the weekends. I am even more excited to think that the Nintendo 3DS might actually make it out by my oldest son’s May birthday. It’s a shame we can’t expect the 3DS before Christmas, but then hopefully we’ll hear something promising on September 29th when they make the big announcement about release dates and the like. What better way to finish the school year than for my little man to be the first in his class to sport the 3DS? Of course, he might just have to wrestle it away from Mom first.

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