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(WiiWare) MotoHeroz – Details & Screens

(WiiWare) MotoHeroz – Details & Screens

by Bradley DeLorenzoSeptember 2, 2010

MotoHeroz takes the fun, fast gameplay of a Trials style game, adds it to a frantic rally race, and delivers a fresh new kind of side-scrolling, platform racing game.

Players race, chase, and rally their way through a brightly colored world, competing against their friends for the fastest times, entering daily races, and hunting for secrets and coins.

The game has three main modes: a surprising and fun single player adventure, a two to four player local party mode, and a new type of daily online competition, in which a new online track opens up daily to give you constant new opportunities for the top of the Leader Boards.

Key Features
* Simple but effective physics deliver an addictive gaming experience
* Single player story mode with memorable characters and rich visuals
* Four player party mode that is easy for anyone to pick up and play
* Ghost race against any time from any track in the game
* Global and Friend-based Leader Boards let gamers compete against each other
* New type of daily competition with new tracks and Leader Boards opening each day
* Steady 60 FPS, widescreen support, and blazing fast load times
* 100+ tracks, four cars, and many game modes equals tons of fun!

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