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Sonic Colors Co-op Multiplayer Preview

Sonic Colors Co-op Multiplayer Preview

by Bradley DeLorenzoSeptember 3, 2010

Sega has revealed the first information of the game’s multiplayer element.

Unlocked through collecting hidden special rings in the single-player game, the two-player mode is focused on players using Wisp power-ups and plenty of skill to survive a Dr Robotnik-designed assault course. Players take control of robotic Sonics rather than the real flesh-and-quills hero, hence the antennae and pallid complexion.

Sonic Colors as a single-player experience isn’t particularly difficult, at least in the time I’ve spent with it. Sonic Colors co-op is the Ivan Drago of platformers, aiming to break you on a regular basis. Everything is basically the same speed in co-op as it is in single-player, which leads to some hilarious confusion as each player tries to run each course without colliding with dangerous obstacles, enemies, or, well, each other. During my time with multiplayer, I felt that there was a hint of competition inherent in the way the levels were laid out: from pulley systems that pretty much require both players to air dash into each other over and over to move upward to covert battles to collect more rings than the other player.


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