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MyWiiCenter – Review

MyWiiCenter – Review

by Steve CullumSeptember 9, 2010

A WiiNintendo review by hattrick.

My Wii Center’s start screen, where you choose the way you want to have fun.

A Wii-friendly Online Media Center
In the world we all live in today, we are surrounded with multitasking. Many times, we are juggling several tasks all at the same time. In fact, not only do we do this, we also want devices that can perform several jobs at once. Many electronic companies have considered this when creating their products. For example, we now have cellular phones that will do so much more than make a call. In the same light, the home video consoles have followed this trend as of late. The only issue is that Nintendo has not provided the robust media experience that a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 gives. Sure, the Wii has photo and Internet browsers, but that is it. While these are limitations, several companies have created Wii-specific sites to help with this “problem.” MyWiiCenter is just that type of site.

When you first go to the site, via your Wii console or home computer, you will be greeted with a simple menu system. On the menu, you have choices of games, music, video, TV, and radio. You also have options to log in or register. The icons on really pop on the black background. The rest of the colors fit the Wii white and blue. Utilizing either your mouse or your Wii Controller, you choose which media you would like to use for entertainment. Games takes you to a list of Flash-style games. The music icon loads various online radio channels. The latest and greatest videos are also available through YouTube. The TV channel is not necessarily the same types of channels you would find on your home TV, but you will find things like MSNBC and MTVX.

Everything on MyWiiCenter was created for display on a Wii. Sure it will work on a PC or Mac, but the idea is to use this website for your Wii, making it into a media center. As I stated earlier, the menu system is very simple, but that also creates a negative outcome. The icons and overall visual appeal are not high for MyWiiCenter. However, it never claims to be a near-HD experience.

My Wii Center’s radio while listening to a station.

On the other side of MyWiiCenter is the customization. After you register for a free account, you have access to change quiet a few settings. You can change your location, language, or favorite categories. Speaking of favorites, you will have access to creating your own “favorites” list. That way, you can go back to the ones you enjoy the most. As with other menus, these are very simple and fairly intuitive.

Not only is there a simple to use menu for settings and favorites, you can also search for items and channels. It is obvious the site owner knows how important it is to search for what you want right away, so the search button or icon is prominent on most pages.

While MyWiiCenter may not be the prettiest website and has some links that do not work, it is still a great idea. A brief glance through the menus will show you several fun games, get a song stuck in your head, and allow you to watch a video or two. Some items that might have been nice to include, if it is possible, are following:

  • The ability to listen to music while viewing other MyWiiCenter channels.
  • More TV channels and fixing the current ones that do not work.
  • More familiar music for the radio stations and general music channel.

Other than that, the general consensus from this reviewer is that the site is not as visually creative as it could be. If the look of MyWiiCenter was improved, and if they fixed some of the links, this could be an excellent site for Wii owners who want an online media center. The best thing about this site is the price, though. While many others could be charging for services like this, MyWiiCenter is completely free. I would recommend anyone check out the site. It is it a no-cost opportunity for entertainment on the Wii.

To check out MyWiiCenter for yourself, point your Wii or computer web browser to

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