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WiiNintendo T-Shirt Contest – Last Day for Submissions

WiiNintendo T-Shirt Contest – Last Day for Submissions

by Steve CullumSeptember 13, 2010

This is the last call for T-Shirt designs! We will stop accepting designs at midnight (Eastern Time) TONIGHT, September 13, 2010! If you have a design to submit, head over and post it in our forum thread. Soon after, we will compile the designs, and set up a voting time.

How cool would it be to have WiiNintendo t-shirts? Then, when we go to events like PAX or E3, we could represent and advertise! We think it would be great if we our own readers/members made up some designs! Feel free to use the existing WiiNintendo logo/design as much as possible, so that things can look similar, but also be creative. We cannot wait to see what you all come up with.

The designs will be placed in a forum thread, and we will vote on a winner. The winner will receive a free game, and their winning design will go up for sale on a tshirt on our Zazzle store. We may even choose more than one!

So, let your creative juices flow! The deadline for designs is midnight (Eastern time) on September 13, 2010. As for where to post those designs, head to our forum thread.

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