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And Yet It Moves – WiiNintendo Paper Cut-Out Contest

And Yet It Moves – WiiNintendo Paper Cut-Out Contest

by Steve CullumSeptember 21, 2010

The kind folks over at Triple Point and Broken Rules have been very kind to us. Not only did they let us try out their game, And Yet It Moves (check out our review), they have graciously given us 3 more copies for you! So, in WiiNintendo fashion, we are going to make this a contest.

AYIM has a unique graphical style. Everything looks as it if were cut out of paper. So, we want you to re-create our WiiNintendo logo and/or website using only paper cut-outs. Submit your best design in our forum thread. We will accept entries until midnight Eastern Time on September 28. That gives you 1 week. After that, we will vote on the best entries, and the top 3 will win a copy of AYIM for WiiWare!

Be sure to include your name or forum username on a piece of paper in the photo or video you submit. That way, we can verify you are not stealing another person’s work and submitting it as your own. Also, we are only accepting ONE entry per person, so make it your best.


Below is a trailer for AYIM, if you are looking for inspiration.

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