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Sonic Colors Screens New (Sept,24th,2010)

Sonic Colors Screens New (Sept,24th,2010)

by Bradley DeLorenzoSeptember 25, 2010

With the anticipated release of Sonic Colors by many comes some new screenshots provided by gamestop(dot)com.  Some of these screenshots are brand new but most of them you will recognize if you have been keeping intact with Sonic Colors information. Express your opinion on these pictures by posting on the WiiFuse forum or by commenting in the appropriate section below this article. If you would like this album for your own use just leave a comment with your email and I will send you the album. These screen shots in my opinion just express the intrepid level design that  Sonic Colors is destined to have but if you disagree then leave a comment and maybe if the justification is correct I may change my opinion too. Zooooooooooooooom! Too Fast for ya?

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