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Nintendo Conference 2010 Coverage: 3DS Launch Details Revealed!

Nintendo Conference 2010 Coverage: 3DS Launch Details Revealed!

by Hassan AhmedSeptember 28, 2010


It’s already September 29th in Japan, and the 2010 Nintendo Conference is going to start soon. This year, it takes place at the Makuhari Messe, which is the venue used for the Tokyo Game Show this year as well as the same venue used by Nintendo to unveil the Wii launch line-up before its release in 2006. The Nintendo Conference will begin at approximately 1 AM eastern time tonight (which is 7 PM in Hawaii, 9 PM in Alaska, 10 PM Pacific time, 11 PM Mountain time, and Midnight Central time). Only specific Japanese media are allowed in the event, so I will use this post as a meta-liveblog and post any information I find here so you don’t have to search the web for a Japanese site covering it or to find a translation.

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Conference is now over. Read all about it below…

– The Nintendo Conference 2010 begins in less than an hour. The picture of the stage below hints at a major 3DS focus, obviously.
– Nintendo has asked media not to publish any pictures or videos of the Nintendo Conference online during the event.
– The hall is already half full, there’s a total of maybe 1200 seats in the hall.
– A closer look at the 3DS banners around the stage show a black 3DS and a blue 3DS… could those be the two colors it launches with in Japan?
– Only a few minutes to go! Looks like NOA’s Bill Trinen is in attendance…
– I’m hearing speculation that this conference will be two hours long, but no confirmation on that.
– Nintendo said the conference will begin “shortly”. I can’t wait!
– FINAL 3DS design! Pretty much the same but with some minor changes. Check it out…
– Conference has BEGUN!
– Iwata is on stage! Talking about Pokemon Black and White selling 2.5 million copies, a record for Japan.
– Now on to Super Mario Collection!
– Nintendo will release a DSi LL Super Mario 25th anniversary version, releasing October 28th for ¥18000
– The Last Story releases January 27th in Japan.
– Zelda Wii mentioned for 2011, as we already knew from E3.
– Wii Remote Plus confirmed! Wii MotionPlus built-in. More details on official site later.
– Now it’s 3DS time!
– Showing screens of Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater for 3DS.
– Video playing that shows the Tag Mode functionality, selecting notices from a list, Miis recieved through tag mode… yup, Mii’s are on the 3DS
– You can take a real picture with the 3DS’s cameras and have a Mii auto-made!
– Video also showed someone playing a game and then stopping playing to use the web browser.
– Some augmented reality game that uses the camera.
– Nintendo talking about why the 3DS will be great… as a portable console, it can do much more than just play 3D videos (like any other 3D device can do).
– That system cradle we saw at E3 will allow you to have faster internet downloads apparently when you put the 3DS on it.
– Discussing the Tag Mode functionality. All games can communicate when system is in sleep mode.
– Some video of developers’ comments being shown now.
– Namco Bandai’s Sakagami says that he wants to use Tag Mode for rankings and exchanging ghost data in Ridge Racer 3D.
– There’s a light on the upper-right of the 3DS that shows when your system has passed another 3DS and received data, so you’ll know without even opening the device.
– Info auto-exchanged when 3DS is in Tag Mode includes how long ago you “met”, last game played, and total times you two have “met”.
– Tag Mode can store data for multiple games at once, and you don’t have to be playing the game at the time to exchange data.
– Yoshinori Ono from Capcom wants to make a Stree Fighter where you can battle anywhere. You’ll be able to receive fight requests from wherever you are using Wi-Fi.
– Next is Mr. Love Plus from Konami.
– He says they’d like to use Tag Mode in a Love Plus game that allows you to tell lies to your girlfriends… not sure what he means.
– The developer video ends.
– Now Iwata moves on to an introduction of Mii Studio.
– There are 180 million Miis in the world, according to Iwata. You can take a pic of your face, and it creates a Mii. Then, you can fiddle with it to your liking.
– You can save a picture of your Mii to a SD card if you want.
– You can also convert your Mii’s to a QR Code which can be sent out to SD Card in standard formats and placed on your home page, for instance, so that others can scan it with their 3DS to get your Mii. Sounds cool!
– Iwata introduces the Tag Mode Mii Plaza, where you can view the Miis that you’ve gathered via Tag Mode.
– There will also be a series of Augmented Reality games with the 3DS hardware.
– You can press the system’s Home button to use the system’s other functionality even in mid game.
– Using the Home button, you can view your “Memory Notebook,” “Number of Steps” and play time. Not sure what the first two are.
– Can use the system’s internal and external cameras, so you can take 3D pictures and view immediately on the spot.
– Iwata demonstrates this Miyamoto by auto-merging two photos of them into one.
– 3DS will come with a 2 GB SD card packed in.
– Title shown include Mario Land and Link’s Awakening DX.
– All of the Virtual Console GB and GBA games will be in 3D!
– “Classic Games” also downloadable in 3D!
– Next up, Iwata introduces something called “Itsu no ma ni Tsuushin”.
– This feature has the system automatically download new rankings, new ghost data, new free software, notices from Nintendo and more, all through Wi-Fi.
– You can actually use this feature anywhere, including DS Download Stations and Nintendo Zones… and even McDonalds!
– NTT partnering with Nintendo for Wi-Fi hotspots around Japan, starting sometime in 2011.
– Iwata says they want to deliver new experiences every day using this Itsunoma ni Tsuushin feature.
– Nintendo is partnering with Fuji TV to distribute free 3D videos daily on an experimental basis.
– Now showing video reel of various 3DS games, including Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Ocarina of Time, Chocobo Racing, PilotWings Resort, Metal Gear Solid, Ridge Racer, Professor Layton, Star Fox 64, Zelda…
Nintendo 3DS releasing FEBRUARY 26TH in Japan and MARCH for US and Europe!
– Costs 25000 yen in Japan, no word on US or Europe price. NOTE: 25000 yen converts to almost $300 USD, but it’s never an exact conversion between countries, so expect the 3DS to be cheaper than that.
– System releasing in two colors: Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black. I called it!
– Overseas plans will be announced later via Nintendo’s overseas branches.
– Iwata says often third party games don’t sell well on Nintendo hardware. It’s true that Wii third party game sales are low in Japan and the first year of Nintendo DS software sales was all Nintendo, but this has since changed. It didn’t go as well as planned with Wii, so they’re fixing the problem with the 3DS.
– He introduces a video commentary from the various video game companies.
– A guy from Capcom says that Resident Evil Revelations is “pure horror.” He believes players will be excited to play it in 3D.
– Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D is also in development.
– Level-5 believes that by using the 3DS’s 3D capabilities, puzzle solving will become more direct for the layer. CEO Akihiro Hino says that they’re putting their power into 3DS development.
– Tetsuya Nomura said “starting with Kingdom Hearts, we’d like to release a number of titles on 3DS.”
– Hideo Kojima has lots of ideas for the 3D screen and Tag Mode. Snake Eater will “camouflage” the functionality.
– Samurai Warriors Chronicle will take advantage of the 3D effect in cutscenes. Think flying bullets.
– Companies giving praise for the 3DS’s hardware.
– And… that’s it! Conference over. Attendees can now get some hands-on time with the 3DS.
– On a side note, Capcom just announced on their blog that they’re releasing Mega Man Legends for the 3DS.

So what did you think of the conference? Let us know in the comments section! Also tune in to the podcast tonight at 9:30 pm EST to discuss the conference… there will be a contest and giveaways as well since it’s our one year anniversary!

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