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Sled Shred – 19 Screens & Details

Sled Shred – 19 Screens & Details

by Bradley DeLorenzoOctober 1, 2010

The World Snow Games are quickly approaching and once again the Jamaican Bobsled team is preparing to take the world by storm. But finding a team that has the right stuff isn’t easy…

Coach Mon has embarked on a mission to find those rare individuals that have what it takes. Are you fit enough? Are you focused enough? Are you brave enough to jump on a bobsled and rocket down that tube of ice at break neck speeds? In Sled Shred featuring the Jamaican Bobsled Team, prove yourself to the legendary Jamaican bobsledders and learn the ropes of downhill sledding in order to join the coolest team in the world!


– Exhilarating downhill sledding using Wii Balance Board™ controls, Wii Remote™ with Nunchuk™, or Wii Remote™ and Classic Controller
– Unlockable characters, vehicles, and super special abilities
– Shred up the slopes with one of nine entertaining characters
– Take sledding to the extreme by executing tricks to boost your speed or score
– Dash down the hills in inner tubes, giant discs, toboggans, classic steel runners, and bonafide 2-and 4-man bobsleds
– Race with friends in a single race, choose from a variety of circuits, or create your own customized race
– Pelt your opponents with snowballs to knock them off course
– Use in-game achievements to track your sledding accomplishments

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