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Nintendo Fuse Podcast: Mario’s 25th Anniversary, Mario Sports Mix, DS Patent, Rare on Kinect, and MORE!

Nintendo Fuse Podcast: Mario’s 25th Anniversary, Mario Sports Mix, DS Patent, Rare on Kinect, and MORE!

by Hassan AhmedOctober 19, 2010


Live recording is now over, you can listen to it below!

Today is Tuesday, so you know what that means… it’s time for WiiNintendo’s Nintendo Fuse Podcast! The episode TONIGHT at 9 pm EST is entitled Mario “R” Us, simply because most of the stuff we’re talking about has to do with either Mario and/or shopping. The Mario-related items include Mario’s 25th Anniversary DSi XL coming to the US, Flipnote Studio celebrating Mario’s Anniversary, new details on Mario Sports Mix and more. On the shopping side of things, we have Netflix on the Wii Shop Channel, Nintendo World Store under renovations, a Nintendo DS patent for an in-store wireless shopping network, and more. Plus, I threw in a discussion on recent comments from Rare comparing Kinect to Wii. All that and more can be heard if you tune in TONIGHT at 9 pm EST to discuss it all in our LIVE recording!

Plus, YOU can actually call in to the podcast LIVE or join us in the chatroom. There are actually three ways to participate…

1) Chat in the chatroom by going to the Nintendo Fuse TalkShoe page once the podcast begins at 10:15 pm est.

2) Call in with your phone by dialing (724) 444-7444 and when prompted for the Call ID, dial 59264#. You can then press 1 to join in as a guest, or you can create a free account on TalkShoe and enter your PIN number on the phone.

3) Call in with your microphone on your computer by downloading TalkShoe Live for free from here. Once installed, go to the Nintendo Fuse TalkShoe page and then select the option to connect through TalkShoe Live Pro.

Be here every Tuesday at 9 pm eastern time to listen and join in on the fun while we discuss the latest and greatest from Nintendo! You can also catch up on the old episodes here, or by subscribing in iTunes by searching for Nintendo Fuse or by clicking this link. Enjoy!

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In June 2008, Hassan was offered a position at NintendoFuse, and he accepted it right away. He is a big Nintendo fan, and has owned every handheld since the Game Boy Color and every console since the Nintendo 64. Hassan's philosophy is very simple: "fun". He plays video games to escape from life for a while and just relax and enjoy. As a blogger, Hassan's focus is to provide the most detailed news articles and hands-on impressions that you will find anywhere. The more information that he can provide to the fans and readers, the better. And to further expand on his philosophy of fun and his detail-oriented goal, Hassan started up the NintendoFuse Podcast in September of 2009. Hassan has been blogging for NintendoFuse since June 2008, and he enjoys being a part of this wonderful community. He hopes to provide you with the latest and greatest Nintendo news and rumors, as well as hands-on impressions, with as much detail as possible to benefit the fans and readers.

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