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WiiNintendo Mailbox – Q&A – Wii HDMI

WiiNintendo Mailbox – Q&A – Wii HDMI

by Bradley DeLorenzoDecember 3, 2010

Belal writes:

Hi, I have a nintendo wii which i would like to connect to my Philips E-line 234EL2SB. Please tell me how to achieve the best picture on the screen and which cable i need to buy to achieve this. Many thanks for looking into this.

Thanks for writing, Belal. We have done a number of reviews regarding Component vs. Composite Wii cables (actually we were the first to test component cables on the Wii).

Most new LCD and Plasma TV’s come with a component option which you can find hundreds of options for using Wii to component cables. Unfortunately, your particular monitor, Philips E-line 234EL2SB, does not have a component input. There are still options for you using the HDMI input in your monitor.

Here is your monitor:

Number 6 on the diagram above shows where and HDMI would go. I’m familiar with two options with Wii to HDMI. One is a straight connection and the other is an “up-res” solution (Which means it “fakes” 1080p). Both essentially have the same result.

We have a full review on the HDMI “up-res” solution, VDIGI VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler Processor WiiNintendo Review

If you’d rather go with a straight adapter (that doesn’t push the resolution to 1080p, but rather gives you the same look as component cables, I would recommend Neoya’s WiiHDMI, which would work like this:

The good: Successfully outputs Wii audio and video over a single HDMI connection; additional 1/8-inch audio-out jack; no extra power required; simple setup.

The bad: Adds 3 inches to the back of Wii console.

The bottom line: Though it won’t improve the picture quality on a current Wii component connection, the Wii2HDMI adapter successfully carries audio and video over a single HDMI signal.

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