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Belal writes:

Hi, I have a nintendo wii which i would like to connect to my Philips E-line 234EL2SB. Please tell me how to achieve the best picture on the screen and which cable i need to buy to achieve this. Many thanks for looking into this.

Thanks for writing, Belal. We have done a number of reviews regarding Component vs. Composite Wii cables (actually we were the first to test component cables on the Wii).

Most new LCD and Plasma TV’s come with a component option which you can find hundreds of options for using Wii to component cables. Unfortunately, your particular monitor, Philips E-line 234EL2SB, does not have a component input. There are still options for you using the HDMI input in your monitor.

Here is your monitor:

Number 6 on the diagram above shows where and HDMI would go. I’m familiar with two options with Wii to HDMI. One is a straight connection and the other is an “up-res” solution (Which means it “fakes” 1080p). Both essentially have the same result.

We have a full review on the HDMI “up-res” solution, VDIGI VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler Processor WiiNintendo Review

If you’d rather go with a straight adapter (that doesn’t push the resolution to 1080p, but rather gives you the same look as component cables, I would recommend Neoya’s WiiHDMI, which would work like this:

The good: Successfully outputs Wii audio and video over a single HDMI connection; additional 1/8-inch audio-out jack; no extra power required; simple setup.

The bad: Adds 3 inches to the back of Wii console.

The bottom line: Though it won’t improve the picture quality on a current Wii component connection, the Wii2HDMI adapter successfully carries audio and video over a single HDMI signal.

[Order WiiHDMI]


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  • http://tristtrist.tumblr.com/ Tsunayoshi Sawada

    So this is good? (better than component cables and not as pricey as the up res thingy?)

  • Mazer

    This solution gives you the same resolution and look as if you used component cables only this way you have one wire as opposed to the multiple ones the component cables use.