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WiiNintendo’s New Scoring System for Reviews

WiiNintendo’s New Scoring System for Reviews

by Steve CullumDecember 6, 2010

Over the past year or so, we here at WiiNintendo have tried to provide you with our insight on games. Specifically, we try to review games, giving you our thoughts, and scoring them. Recently, we have begun to discuss a different scoring system. Our current 3-tier system includes BUY IT, RENT/TRY IT, and IGNORE IT. While this does keep things simple, we recognized some flaws. For instance, DSiWare games are not available to rent or try, as there is no demo program. Similarly, it is near impossible for some gamers to rent DS games. Lastly, there are some niche games that might be of great quality, but it was tough for a reviewer to truly say BUY IT if they did not enjoy that particular genre.

Therefore, we are starting a new 5-point scoring system. There will be no decimal points, as each game will get a 1-5 score. If it helps, view a score of 1 similar to our previous IGNORE IT, and assume that a score of 5 is similar to our former BUY IT. As with all numbered scoring systems, there is a bit of gray area, as a 3 could mean different things to different people. That is why we strongly encourage you to read our entire review and not just the score. However, if you do not have time, please read our scoring explanation in addition to the number. That way, you get a good idea of why we gave a game a particular score.

We will be going back to our most recent reviews and adding a 1-5 numbered score, as to make it more uniform.

We appreciate you, our readers, and if there is anything we can do to make WiiNintendo a better experience for you, please let us know!

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