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Disney’s Tangled – Second Opinion Review

Disney’s Tangled – Second Opinion Review

by Steve CullumDecember 13, 2010

Occasionally, we get multiple review copies here at WiiNintendo. Such is the case with Disney’s Tangled: The Video Game. In this instance, we have decided to give you more than one opinion on the game. Be sure to also read JHardin1112’s review.

A WiiNintendo game review by hattrick.

Game – Disney Tangled: The Video Game
Version – Wii
Obtained – Review copy from fortyseven communications for Disney Interactive Studios

As Rapunzel makes a comeback on the movie-scene with Disney’s latest movie, “Tangled,” she also attempts to make a name for herself in the video game industry. The game follows the basic storyline of the movie. Rapunzel, who has enchanted long hair, has been kidnapped and imprisoned by an evil witch, named Gothel. Players take control of Rapunzel and Flynn in order to track down the evil witch and collect as many items along the way.

There are four main types of visuals in Tangled. The storyboard cut-scenes are hand-drawn, and they look descent. They could have done a better job, but they get the point across.  You feel like Rapunzel is actually drawing the pictures as she tells the in-between-levels storyline. During the levels, there is a different type of cut-scene that involves the actual level and character design. Overall, these look very pretty. The third type involves the menu system. Instead of having a simple Super Mario Bros. style menu, they opted for a map that you can openly walk around. Half the time, you cannot see where you are going or what you need to do next. The final visual type is the actual gameplay. Understanding that the Wii cannot output HD quality, it is obvious that the game will not look fantastic. However, there is no need for it to look like GameCube quality or worse. Rapunzel’s hair looks very flat, and it often goes through the scenery instead of around it, and contrary to the game’s title, her hair never gets tangled at all. That would have been an additional difficulty – try not to get her hair caught on things. Flynn often goes digging for treasure by hand. Many times, this is in dirt, but other times, it is on brick, wood, and rock. This is just not logical. On top of everything else, you will see a lot of load screens. This just does not make sense as the graphics are not enhanced enough to need that much time to load.

The music fits perfectly with the game. It matches the style from the movie, and there was never a time where it felt unfit for the situation. And while the excellent voice-actors are the same from the movie, Tangled still suffers from repeated phrases. For example, almost every time you reach thorn bushes, you will hear the same words come from Flynn’s mouth. You will see many thorn bushes. There is an option to turn on sub-titles, which help you fly through cut-scenes much faster. However, you will still hear the overly used phrases during gameplay.

Tangled is a 3D platformer with puzzle elements. If you have played any of the LEGO games (i.e. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman), you will have a basic idea on the style of gameplay. However, as those games are often fun, this one is not so much. Tangled is one of those games that is quite simple and quite difficult all at the same time. Let me put it this way. I was able to complete the entire game right at four hours. While I did not collect everything, I still beat the game. You also cannot die. Nonetheless, you will often find yourself wondering around the level trying to figure out where to go next, as it is not always clear cut. In fact, in the very first location, it is tough to know what to do. It took me three or four minutes to find the correct door to start the game. Occasionally, you will find some mini-games, and they are really hit or miss on the fun level.

The 2-player co-op is, however, a great addition to the game. In fact, it is my preferred way of playing. The second player can drop as easy as grabbing a second Wii Remote. Dropping out is  a little tougher, as the only way I found to do so is to pop the batteries out of the second Wii Remote. Player 1 will control Rapunzel, and player 2 controls Flynn. This makes gameplay much easier for two big reasons. First, you are able to collect items much quicker. Second, you no longer have to control both characters by yourself. In single-player mode, you will often take one character as far as they can go, and then go back to bring the other one, as there was probably some obstacle they could not overcome themselves. The split-screen gameplay in co-op is also a seamless way of allowing players to go in different directions, but then joining back to one screen when they are close enough in proximity.

Tangled can be controlled by using the Wii Remote turned sideways or attaching a Nunchuk. Either way is very simple, and it all comes down to preference. In fact, you can even switch control styles as easily as unplugging or plugging in the Nunchuk mid-level. The controls are also simple. You have a jump button, an attack button, and special moves (usually by shaking the Wii Remote). Each character has their strengths and weaknesses, and you must use both to make it through each level.

Concluding Overall Impressions
Tangled is obviously meant for children who are big fans of the movie. It will not be extremely difficult for them to beat, but it might be tough for them to know what to do or where to go next. It is not the best looking game for Wii, but it gets the job done.

FINAL SCORE – 2 out of 5
The co-op play alone deserves attention from fans of the movie. All others, look elsewhere.

*It is also worth noting that it has possibly one of the worst endings for any video game. I will save you the time, and just say that it is just like the movie – fade to black and roll credits. No congratulations or anything.

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