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(WiiWare) Gods vs Humans – New Gameplay Video

(WiiWare) Gods vs Humans – New Gameplay Video

by Bradley DeLorenzoDecember 23, 2010

In the strategy game Gods vs Humans on Nintendo’s WiiWare service, humans have decided to build a tower to take your place. As a God this is properly unacceptable for you. Therefore, your job is to use your divine powers to stop them. Be careful not to hurt them though, Gods needs humans to believe in them!

Take a look at the whole new trailer to see some gameplay. You’ll be able to discover a few of the tactics you can use in this game.

Some Godly content packed into the game!

Here’s a glimpse of the content of Gods vs Humans:

• Over 60 levels for the solo campaign (that takes you through all of the game’s mythologies).
• 16 playable gods, each with specific powers (Jupiter, Amaterasu, Odin, Osiris, Thor, Susanoo, Neptune, Râ…they’re all here!)
• 4 different mythologies to discover.
• 4 hysterical Bosses to defeat during the campaign mode where it’s not about attacking the tower anymore but aiming directly at the Humans’ King!
• 16 additional challenges for the experienced players (which are additional levels with specific instructions: destroy 9 stories in less than 5 minutes, destroy the foundations of the tower without using defensive powers etc…)
• 2-player special mode in split screen.

Available now on the European and North American WiiWare

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