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Super Mario Bros. X

Super Mario Bros. X

by Bradley DeLorenzoJanuary 19, 2011

Super Mario Bros. X 1.3 is a massive Mario fan game that blends elements from Super Mario 1, 2, 3 and World. It has many power ups, such as the Ice Flower, Hammer Suit, Tanooki Suit, Kuribo’s shoe, The Billy Gun, and Yoshi. You can also play the game with a friend in the 2 player co-op mode, were the screen seamlessly splits and combines as the players separate and rejoin.

This fangame is most notable for it’s extensive level editor that allows you to create almost any kind of level that you can imagine. The real time editor lets you edit the level while playing it! You can also create your own episode using either the SMB3 or SMW styled world map, or you can create a Mario 64 style hub level and have the players collect stars to advance.

  • Five playable characters including: Toad, Peach, and Link
  • Over 50 cleverly designed levels in the default episode
  • Easy to use level editor with thousands of objects to choose from
  • Both classic and new power ups such as Yoshi and The Billy Gun
  • Two player co-op with an intelligent camera that splits and combines
  • An intense battle mode that will leave you coming back for more
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