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Capcom Brings 1942 and Black Tiger to Virtual Console

Capcom Brings 1942 and Black Tiger to Virtual Console

by Steve CullumJanuary 24, 2011

Capcom is bringing back the nostalgia with the release of two classic titles, 1942 and Black Tiger on Nintendo’s Virtual Console today. These two titles aren’t just for the fans of the originals; these two titles will introduce a whole new generation to some of the greatest games to hit the arcades. 1942 and Black Tigerare now available for download for 800 Wii Points each.

About 1942 and Black Tiger

  • 1942 – This classic vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up is perhaps Capcom’s finest moment in the pre-Street Fighter era. Spawning a million clones and re-appearing throughout the history of gaming, 1942’s biplane action needs no introduction. And now, for the first time on the Wii, the original and best version.
  • Black Tiger – Fight your way through colorful, action-packed levels in this 1987 arcade classic. Explore huge, sprawling levels as a powerful barbarian, seeking to defeat menacing bosses.  Plus, upgrade your character with one of the first inventory and power-up systems ever built.

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