More 3DS Info – MP3 Support, Wi-Fi Security, Friend Codes

IGN recently had an interview with Nintendo, where they answered a number of readers’ questions. Below, we have compiled some of the new information.

  • A 3DS and DS can play a multiplayer DS game.
  • Developers are free to utilize items like coins and mp3 to their liking.
  • The 3DS is capable of using custom soundtracks from mp3.
  • Users must enable Street Pass functionality for each game.
  • Users can use “whatever size [SD card] they want.”
  • There is no support for multi-touch.
  • Camera resolution is 640×480 (same as screen); still photos only for now.
  • The 3DS supports WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi security.
  • Play Coins will not be usable in the eShop.
  • Similar to Wii, once a Friend Code is exchanged, you will see the user’s nickname on your Friend List.


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