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Wii Homebrew – Dolphin Emulator r7128

Wii Homebrew – Dolphin Emulator r7128

by Jeremy HardinFebruary 13, 2011

  • Dolphin SVN r7128
      • Added a frame counter while recording or playing back a TAS movie. Forced the GC/Wii to poll from the inputs at regular intervals. Disabled frame skip in record/playback mode. This helps the emulator to be determinate.
      • Dolphin SVN r7127
        • Add Portuguese translations thanks to Zilaan.
        • Update several of the other languages.
        • Fix those pesky DSPIntUtil.h compiler errors.
        • Clean up some remnants of building the plugins in the primary CMakeLists.txt file.
      • Dolphin SVN r7126
        • fix sd commands 0x40 and 0x41. thanks to tueidj for the test.
      • Dolphin SVN r7124
        • vs2010: add debugfast configs for wxw (now debugfast links faster!). clean up wxw projects a lot.
      • Dolphin SVN r7123
        • Experimental commit and one fix for my last commit.
        • I think that isFifoBusy bring better sync with VI (video interface) because the CPU emulated threads are waiting for DrawDone in BP Register. So, I do some modifications.
        • 1) Rename “IsFifoBusy” by “isPossibleWaitingSetDrawDone”
        • 2) Only activate isPossibleWaitingSetDrawDone when bFF_GPLinkEnable is true in fifo loop “Inmediate mode” that is because in theory this drawsync function is using in this mode.
        • 3) Deactivate isPossibleWaitingSetDrawDone also in SetFinish in PixelEngine, beside when 32 block is finish.
        • Please regression in yours games thats can bring some FPS more above all with VPS frame limiter ON (Auto, 60, 50, etc).
        • Fix waiting in AbortFrame(), please test mp1/mp2 is fixed again.
        • Good look!
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    September 27, 2014 at 12:05 am

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    Can you please update the URL in this article?

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