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Sega Announces First GameGear Games Coming to Nintendo 3DS eShop

Sega Announces First GameGear Games Coming to Nintendo 3DS eShop

by Steve CullumMarch 3, 2011

In yesterday’s GDC Keynote, Iwata mentioned that GameGear and TurboGrafx16 games would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop for download. This was the first we had heard it, and many speculated what games would release first. Without further delay, Sega of Japan has announced the first five games coming from GameGear. With the help of Google Translate and some game images, here are the games that were announced.

Sonic & Tails 2
Action game released in November 1994. Choose one of Sonic and Tails, adventure unfolds to collect Chaos Emeralds. Jungle, snow, water and a varied stage, also appeared in numerous vehicles, such as truck and snowboarders can enjoy a variety of game content.

Sonic Drift 2
Racing game released in March 1995. Competing in seven characters manipulate their distinctive machine, a race to leverage special power and drift. Two people can play.

The GG Shinobi
Action game released in April 1991. Ninja can get five different characteristics for each stage clearance. While making full use of ninja throwing stars and to capture the stage.

Dragon Crystal Labyrinth Tsurani
Launched in December 1990 RPG. Search by type of RPG dungeon, the hero to return to the real world, drawn into the world of crystals, aimed at the deepest part of the 30th floor with a mysterious egg. Danjonshisutemu adopt an auto-generated whenever changes into shape.

Appeared in arcades in 1990, a puzzle game released in a number of game consoles. Game Gear version was released in October 1990. Manipulate falling gems in groups of three in a row vertically, will be out by aligning three or more gems of the same color vertical and horizontal angle.


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