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[3DS] Dead or Alive Dimensions – DLC

[3DS] Dead or Alive Dimensions – DLC

by Bradley DeLorenzoMarch 11, 2011

With the improved infrastructure of the 3DS’ online capabilities and the ability to use SD Cards to store many gigabytes of data, DLC looks to be much easier to achieve on Nintendo new system.

Game updates have already been planned for other 3DS games, with one said to be heading to Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. No details have been announced what the update will include, though hopefully some more game content will be coming with it.

Tecmo Koei have now announced their plans for DLC on Dead or Alive Dimensions. The content will be completely free to download and includes various new costumes for characters featured in the game. These will be offered over wi-fi, using the 3DS’ SpotPass system and begin on the games launch day, March 24th. Content will then be provided over a period of time, up until April 24th, when the last costume will be provided.

Some of the costumes include:

– Cheer Girl Lei Fang
– Personal Clothing Kokoro
– Ninja Attire Ayane
– Personal Clothing Kasumi
– Personal Clothing Hitomi
– White Cat Costume La Mariposa
– White Cat Costume Tina


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