Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition – Figurine Download Codes

Looking to score more Figurines in your collection? Below is a list of passwords for 14 figurines, all at level 7. Just head to the Figurine Collection menu and choose Password.

Exclusive Platinum Level 7 Ryu – DPrkMnybCd
Exclusive Gold Level 7 Blanka – DmdkeRvbxc

Level 7 Rose – GKkkXXtbSe
Level 7 Cody – naMkEQgbQG
Level 7 Gouki – uQHkWgYbJC
Level 7 Akuma – RYSsPxSbTh
Level 7 Ryu – KjckTnSbwK
Level 7 Ken – NyosHgybuW
Level 7 Chun Li – zAAkcHVbHk
Level 7 Chun Li – tLWkWvrblz
Level 7 Zangief – hinsVnebTu
Level 7 Guile – qeJkznDbKE
Level 7 Ibuki – ilMsRBabpB
Level 7 Makoto – GHakWCTbsl
Level 7 Juri – OfQkARpbJR
Level 7 Vega – PqUswOobWG

Blanka – DmdkeRvbxc
E. Honda – uUDsTlmbUN (lower case L)
Silver Ibuki – ilMsRBabpBl
Silver Makoto – GHakWCTbsl
Silver Juri – OfQkARpbJR
Gold Ryu – KjckTnSbwK
Gold Zangief – hinsVnebTu
Silver Gouki (Akuma) – RYSsPxSbTh
Silver Chun-Li – tLWkWvrblzl
Gold Guile – qeJkznDbKE
Silver Ken – NyosHgybuW
Gold Vega (Dictator) – CgIsQNWbHuI
Silver Rose – GKkkXXtbSe
Silver Balrog (Claw) – PqUswOobWG
Silver Cody – naMkEQgbQG
Silver Sakura – uzTsXzIbKnI
Special Gouki (Akuma) – uQHkWgYbJC
Silver Dan – rDRkkSIbqSI

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