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Conduit 2: ‘We can compete with Black Ops and GoldenEye’

Conduit 2: ‘We can compete with Black Ops and GoldenEye’

by Bradley DeLorenzoMarch 29, 2011

Official Nintendo Magazine readers ask High Voltage’s Eric Nofsinger questions about Conduit 2.

ONM: Will we need to have bought the first one to understand the second game?

Eric Nofsinger: No, I don’t think you need to play the first game at all to enjoy Conduit 2. We very much wanted it to be its own self-contained thing.

There are a lot of nods to the players who may have played The Conduit. More history, more little titbits that people can discover that trail on from The Conduit but it’s not necessary to have played the original.

We really wanted this to be a stand alone thing. If people have not heard of the first game but just wanted a quality shooter for the Wii they can pick this game up and get right in.

ONM: What have you tried to incorporate into the game that we haven’t seen in a Wii first-person shooter so far?

Eric Nofsinger: Well there’s lots that sets us apart from other games.

There are other Wii games that are very exciting that came out in the last year – GoldenEye, Black Ops. They’re really good games but I think we’re doing something different.

We have some really fantastic, over-the-top science fiction weapons. We’ve really embraced the sci-fi aspect of the game.

We have weapons that let you face and shoot through a wall at opponents; We have weapons that allow you to collect your enemy’s projectiles and shoot them back at them; we have weapons that act like an alien hive that you when you shoot it, it will stick to your enemy and then shoot out insects at them – it can also shoot around corners.

So a lot more fantastical things as opposed to bigger and bigger guns all the time. Which is different not just for the Wii but for shooters in general.

The trend tends to be towards realism and bigger weapons. You know, this one has a larger clip and this shotgun is bigger than this shotgun which is kind of boring. So that’s something that we wanted to take a stance on and do something a little bit different.

ONM: Does it also have a better story than your rival games?

Eric Nofsinger: I think GoldenEye did a nice job with the storytelling and getting all the big-name voice actors. I think they did a really nice job of presenting that for fans of of the James Bond series. Fans of the original GoldenEye and fans of the film will really appreciate that. They did a good job.

For fans of sci-fi, for fans of action orientated sci-fi storytelling – we do a really good job. If you prefer that kind of thing, you’re going to prefer Conduit by far.


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