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What Happened to the Vitality Sensor?

What Happened to the Vitality Sensor?

by Jacob StromApril 6, 2011

June 2nd 2009 was an exciting day for all of us Nintendo fans. Why you ask? Quite simply because Nintendo had announced the Wii Vitality Sensor at E3, another peripheral that would play nice with your Wii console. You simply insert your finger into the device and it would then read your pulse and send that information back to the Wii for processing. They didn’t announce any specific applications that would use the new peripheral but hinted at using it for relaxation. Having no examples to inspire people,  very interesting uses had started to pop up  like increasing the intensity of a horror game if it didn’t see an increase in your BPM .  E3 2010 rolled around a year later and the device wasn’t even mentioned! Representatives from Nintendo said that it was not the right environment to release information on the exciting peripheral. So here we are in 2011, nearly two whole years from the announcement of the Vitality Sensor and we haven’t heard even a crumb of information regarding it. It seems likely that the project was canned at some point down the road but who could really say. E3 2011 is quickly approaching and only Nintendo knows if it will be the next big thing to take center stage now that the 3DS had it’s time to shine.


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