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Wii HD at E3 2011 Rumors Run Wild

Wii HD at E3 2011 Rumors Run Wild

by Steve CullumApril 14, 2011

Will this be the year for Wii HD? While many people over the last year or more have speculated, and even predicted, that Nintendo will release their next home console in the near future, there has been nothing quite like this. According to anonymous “inside sources,” who have begun spreading the word to GameInformer, IGN, Kotaku, and CVG, Nintendo might just reveal something soon in the form of what is being referred to as both “Project Butterfly” and “Project Cafe.” In fact, according to those sources, this June at E3 might be the time and location such information is shared. Although, there is even word that a pre-announcement will be made this month.

According to these rumors, the next Nintendo home console (Wii HD?) is being “done right,” and it will have the following specs:

  • 1080p HD Resolutions
  • Backward-compatible with Wii games
  • Power and speeds far greater than XBox 360 and PS3
  • Controller to be more than just an upgraded Wii Remote with a built-in “HD” touch-screen

Wii sales have been dropping over the past year, so many say this is the perfect time for Nintendo to move into the HD era along with Microsoft and Sony.

Nintendo, themselves, have yet to confirm on these rumors. They have only replied with their usual “we do not comment on rumor or speculation” comment.

You may remember back to 2004 when Nintendo first revealed the Wii, then under codename “Revolution,” at E3. The following year, they uncovered the remote design and final design and name came in 2006.

Looking back through the years of Nintendo’s release schedule, these rumors might not be completely disconnected. The Wii was first announced only three years into the GameCube’s life-cycle. The GameCube was revealed four years into the Nintendo64’s history. So, a sneak peak in 2011, four years after the Wii launch, would not be out of the question. Further, the rumors point to the system’s launch by the end of 2012, which matches up with what many have guessed, including us here at NintendoFuse.

For now, we will continue to wait and see. Until we hear more, let us know what you think about these rumors. Do you think we will hear about the Wii HD at E3 2011? What would you like to see in the next home console from Nintendo? Let us know in the comments or our forums.

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