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Looking Back: Pre-Wii Rumors – What Happened?

Looking Back: Pre-Wii Rumors – What Happened?

by Steve CullumMay 13, 2011

It is official. The next Nintendo home console has been announced by Nintendo. What it will look like, what will be inside, and how one will control the device is still up in the air. However, that does not stop us from speculating. On top of that, it is quite difficult to ignore the long list of rumors regarding this upcoming game system.

Speaking of rumors, there were many surrounding the Wii, back when it was only known as Revolution. As we gear up for the official unveiling of Nintendo’s next home console, the successor to Wii, we thought it would be interesting to look back at the list of Revolution/Wii rumors. Did any of them did not pan out, and how many of them have resurfaced as a “Project Cafe” rumor? Let’s take a look.

  • Launch price of $99
    QuickJump reported on Joystiq’s launch price claims. Even then, people were not sure. Today, we still have yet to see the Wii hit $99, as the latest price-drop only took it down to $149.
  • 3D Projection
    While we know that Nintendo has been looking into 3D for a long time, it seems that many thought Revolution would have a 3D element. If you could not tell, it did not happen.
  • Controller to feature tactile feedback
    There were many rumors that the Revolution controller would feature tactile feedback and even hot/cold feedback. While this did not find its way into the final controller, that has not stopped technology from trying it out. Will it eventually be seen?
  • Controller to look like GameCube’s “Wavebird”
    This rumor was based on an alleged prototype. According to the source, the A/B/X/Y buttons would look similar to a SNES, and it would feature no gyroscope or touch screen. Maybe this was a prototype for the Wii Classic Controller, or maybe this person was making it up.
  • Touch-Screen Controller
    With the success of the Nintendo DS, many rumors stated that the Revolution would have touch-screen controllers. That did not happen, obviously, but that does not stop the rumors from resurfacing for the successor.
  • Gyroscopic sensors in controllers, not wireless
    This one comes from the Nintendo forums. Neither ended up being true, as the gyroscope was not added until Motion Plus, and the Wii Remote is definitely wireless bluetooth enabled.
  • Controller to have Magnetic touch panel, Tilt Sensor, Scroll Wheel, Push Pull Joysticks, Sensitive Pad, Rumble, Microphone/Speaker, & a Screen
    On this huge list of features said to be included, only two and a half actually saw the light of day. The Wii Remote does include a tilt sensor, rumble, and speaker. The Wii successor, though, is rumored to include most of the missing elements.
  • HD-DVD format for games
    This one obviously did not turn out, and neither did the success of the HD-DVD format anyhow. Instead, Nintendo went with a 12cm optical disc for their games, which is very similar to a standard DVD.
  • Launching with Mario
    The launch of the Wii was missing Mario. Instead, we got The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which also released for the GameCube months later.
  • Controller would not feature a traditional D-Pad or “A” and “B” buttons
    Shuken Diamond
    got this one wrong, as the Wii Remote featured a D-Pad and A/B buttons. Yes, they were in different locations than we were used to, but they were still present in the end.
  • Four 2.5Ghz IBM G5 Custom CPU
    While that would have been one powerful system, was a bit off, because the Wii ended up with a, IBM Broadway, which is only a 729mhz CPU. For reference, the GameCube had a 485mhz processor.
  • Virtual space & head-tracking based on fixation points
    While many have tried this post-launch, Nintendo never implemented anything like this in the Wii. Since then, we have seen only Microsoft’s Kinect and the Nintendo 3DS really explore this technology.

What will the Wii successor (Project Cafe?) look like, and how will it function? We hope to find all those answers at E3 2011. Until then, expect many more rumors regarding every aspect of the system. As before, with the Revolution/Wii, do not believe everything you read.

Did we leave anything out? If so, please leave a note in the comments.

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