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Review – Re-Pac Bags

Review – Re-Pac Bags

by Steve CullumMay 14, 2011

With the growing amount of people owning handheld gaming systems and traveling with their other game systems, we have more and more of a need for bags and other portability options. There are many companies developing specialty cases and bags for Nintendo out of a number of products, and they are typically not focused on protecting the environment.

Re-Pac Bags started as by a nurse and her mother in effort to produce a reusable lunch bag. Over time, they developed a line of bags that are Certified Lead, PVC, BPA, and phthalate free and comply with all CPSIA standards. All their bags are made out of 100% plastic free materials to reduce waste and get your money’s worth from each bag!  The bags are made of water resistant fabrics so they are long lasting and dry quickly. Unlike cotton bags, Re-Pac Bags are mold, stain and mildew resistant inside and out, which is why food stays fresh longer. On top of everything else, they offer a life-time warranty.

So, why would we review a lunch bag on a Nintendo site? The reason lies in the bag themselves. Because Re-Pac Bags are long-lasting, mold and mildew resistant, and carry a life-time warranty, they can be used for many things beyond food. In addition to carrying your sandwich, you could also use a bag to hold your Nintendo 3DS, game cartridges, Wii remotes, and power cords.

On a recent trip, I used a small bag to carry my Nintendo 3DS, and I used a larger bag to carry all my power cords. I did not have to worry about the bag tearing or leaking. They also helped me keep things organized in my travel bags. The zippers never got caught up or stopped working. The different sizes helped me have the right size bag for each purpose. The final benefit I noticed, as with any bag, was the ability to protect my gaming device from scratching.

On the negative side, the bags do not provide a great deal of cushion, so if you happen to drop your game console, a Re-Pac Bag is not going to prevent damage. Also, these are not specialty bags, meaning that there are not specific spots designed to hold your game cartridges or console securely. The Re-Pac Bags also do not have a handle or strap, meaning that they can usually not be used on their own. Think of one of these as a much higher quality plastic sandwich bag.

As a final note and score, Re-Pac Bags are a great for simple uses. The current prices range from $5.95 to $7.95, which provides for a fairly inexpensive solution to keep your game systems, cartridges, and cords organized. The water resistant fabrics and life-time warranty only sweeten the deal. If you are looking for a stand-alone case to hold your device and games secure, then look somewhere else. However, if you are looking for a simple bag that is eco-friendly, inexpensive, and carries a life-time warranty, check out Re-Pac Bags. They are not just for your lunch.

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