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Shinobi 3DS – Leaked Details and Video

Shinobi 3DS – Leaked Details and Video

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 25, 2011

The trailer claims that the games have been re-imagined for the 3DS, so it’s likely that we’ll see some nifty 3D effects thrown in for good measure. For Shinobi fans, this can only be seen as good news.

Here’s the leaked trailer so you can see for yourself:

There are a few notable exceptions from the Shinobi canon such as the lacklustre Cyber Shinobi on the Master System and the rather nifty GG Shinobi (the first Game Gear Shinobi game) which is already confirmed as a download on the 3DS Virtual Console service. The less said about the Gameboy Advance Revenge of Shinobi game the better.


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