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Konami Teases a Contra Teaser Trailer… Kind of…

Konami Teases a Contra Teaser Trailer… Kind of…

by Bradley DeLorenzoJune 8, 2011

Written by: Benjamin Houghton



At the end of Konami’s pre-E3 event, the smallest of smallest teasers were shown. Nothing fancy, just a crazy fireball wreaking havoc on complete nothingness… Only to form the “C” logo for Contra! It’s been said they aim to make it a full on 3D big budget game. They are trying to do to Contra what they did to Castlevania, but so far, the only Contra game that is actually confirmed is the one for the 3DS. Oh, how we all hope that it will be for the Wii U! And say it will be a side scroller, but have first person activities on the controller like aiming. Yeah, that sounds awesome actually. Either way, this gamer is super excited!


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