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Frogger 3D (3DS) – Hands-On First Impressions

Frogger 3D (3DS) – Hands-On First Impressions

by Steve CullumJune 9, 2011

Konami is bringing Frogger back for his 30th anniversary in “Frogger 3D” for Nintendo 3DS. While there was a Frogger game with the same name before, this is not it. This 3DS title has a much different feel than the original Frogger, but it is still the core game you have come to know and love. After some hands-on at E3 2011, I can say that it felt great and fun. You control only with the directional pad (no circle pad), and you will traverse several brand new worlds. In the stage I played, there was traffic in a grid, and I moved around collecting coins and eventually reached the goal. In this specific stage, the traffic actually stopped at lights, but you must also look out for semi trucks that come through causing accidents and explosions. The old levels from the original will also be available, and you can share your progress via StreetPass. Frogger 3D will be out this fall.

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