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Zelda HD Demo (Wii U) – Video and Impressions

Zelda HD Demo (Wii U) – Video and Impressions

by Steve CullumJune 10, 2011

One of the most anticipated franchise releases for Wii U is probably The Legend of Zelda. For a game that already has a reputation of great looking epic worlds, every fan knows that it could look even better in full HD graphics. Until now, that has only been a glimmer in our minds-eye. As a way of showing off the graphical power of their upcoming home console, Nintendo chose Zelda. In short, it looked beautiful. In addition to the amazing resolution, it was great to see a completely HUD-free screen when all that was moved to the Wii U controller screen. That only freed up the TV to display more stunning sweeps of the Zelda world. In addition, I could not help but notice how great the images on the new controller looked. They are not releasing those specs just yet, but I can say from experience that it looks really great. My only negative about this that I know I will have to wait at least another year before I can get my hands on a true Zelda game in HD, and it will probably be longer than that. Skyward Sword just does not look that good anymore.

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