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Cave Story 3D preview: Pixel goes polygonal

Cave Story 3D preview: Pixel goes polygonal

by Bradley DeLorenzoJune 15, 2011

Joystiq’s, JC, sheds some light on this remake for the 3DS:

Most important of all, it feels, mechanically, like Cave Story. In my opinion, a great deal of the lasting appeal of the original comes from how responsive the controls are, and how enjoyable the basic jumping and shooting feel — think about holding the machine gun down to jetpack yourself across a chasm, for example. The jumping feels right (although I did have trouble making a few normally trivial jumps, a fact I attribute to having a harder time seeing the absolute last pixel from which to vault myself), the shooting feels right, for the Polar Star gun I had, at least; the enemies move like you’d expect them to, and appear in the same places; the lunchbox-like Balrog still rushes you in the same pattern … and is still way cute.

Of course, you can’t design the game entirely for Cave Story diehards. Nicalis has to ensure that new players can get into the new version — otherwise, what’s the point of releasing it again? “NIS has been incredibly helpful,” Rodriguez said. “They have testers who haven’t played Cave Story, which is great. We can see some of their feedback. You and I know the game really well, so you know, like, the door’s around here, and your brain kind of translates the rest for you. I don’t want to have any sense of frustration from new players.”


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