Wii U Mii Characters are the Same as on 3DS

Speaking with Katsuya Eguchi, a Nintendo software producer and director whose credits include Star Fox, Wii Sports Resort and Wave Race 64, IGN UK asked why Nintendo chose to keep the basic Mii design the same from Wii to Wii U. Nintendo’s new console is clearly powerful enough to allow for any type of Mii creation, were there any upgrades in the works?

“Actually, the Miis that will be used on the Wii U are going to be the same as the ones on the 3DS,” Eguchi told me. “On the 3DS we tweaked [the design] a little bit. We added some features, and the Mii editor that’s on the 3DS is different from the one that’s on the Wii. Ultimately we’ll use those same Miis on the Wii U. Right now it looks the same as the ones on the Wii because we don’t have the ability to create Miis in the Wii U yet.”



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