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Review – Wii Play Motion

Review – Wii Play Motion

by Steve CullumJune 30, 2011

a NintendoFuse game review by hattrick

Game – Wii Play Motion (Rated E10+)
Version – Wii
Obtained – Review copy from Nintendo of America PR team

As a follow-up to the original Wii Play and a way to get more Motion Plus remotes into consumers hands, Nintendo has released Wii Play Motion. With 12 brand new mini-games that all use Motion Plus (one Wii Remote Plus included), does this have what it takes to warrant your attention and hard-earned cash?

Graphics & Sound
Honestly, there is nothing to write home about with the sound or graphics. The game follows the same style as Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play, Wii Music, Wii Fit, and Wii Fit Plus. The graphics look like a cartoon world, and the music/sounds are cheery. Wii Play Motion does not push the limits of the Wii in any way, but there is nothing wrong with how the game looks and sounds. The reality is that this is a mini/party-game collection, and there is just enough effort put into the environment. Some of the cool elements involve hidden “games” while you wait on the title screen. One is a cool kaleidoscope, and the other allows you to make virtual balloons.

Gameplay & Controls
As with most mini-game collections, there is no story or plot. Therefore, I will jump right into what is present — several games that border on the line of fun and boring. Ultimately, this is about personal preference, but some games will be obvious ones to avoid. Controls are quite simple on 11 out of the 12 games. Most include motion and maybe the pressing of one button. This keeps it simple for everyone to jump in the action. However, the Motion Plus adds a level of precision and difficulty. There seems to be no lag at all with Motion Plus, but the biggest downfall is that you must have a Motion Plus controller for every player. Unlike Wii Sports Resort, which allows you to rotate and share remotes, each player must have their own remote. This makes no sense in the multiplayer games where you trade off anyhow. On top of that, there are only a couple four-player games.

Let’s take a look at each of the mini-games.

  • Cone Zone (1-2 players)
    You will hold the Wii Remote Plus upright in order to either balance scoops of ice cream or swirl your ice cream. Stacking and balancing is much easier than swirling. In fact, it is downright difficult to get a good swirl, while it is fairly easy to keep a good balance. Multiplayer in balance is not competitive, though; you will be cooperating, even though it seems like a competition.
  • Veggie Garden (1-4 players)
    You will use the Motion Plus controls to slide back and forth, whacking the critters that have come to take your veggies. Imagine whack-a-mole where you will hit varmints and avoid Miis. It is much better than other mole-whacking games I have played on Wii, but it is still a strange feeling. It gets even crazier when multiple players are all going at the same time.
  • Skip Skimmer (1-4 players)
    Essentially, this is a rock-skipping simulator. While it sounds boring, it is actually quite addicting. The only odd thing is that you must hold down B the entire time, unlike Wii Sports bowling, where you let go of B when you throw. You can compete in a most skips contest or a points contest, where you throw your stones through colored rings. While fun, the controls are probably the most frustrating thing, as you must find just the right way to throw it.
  • Pose Mii Plus (1-2 players)
    The is the only new edition of an older Wii Play game. Instead of choosing the pose, your Mii will already choose a pose. It is your job to move your Wii Remote to the correct position in time to fit through the holes. Think of this as similar to human Tetris or the WiiWare game ThruSpace. This can get frantic and intense.
  • Trigger Twist (1-2 players)
    The only shooter included has you going beyond the IR sensor, as you use the Motion Plus to shoot enemies attacking you from all 360-degrees. There are three worlds: UFO, ninja, and dinosaurs. Each has a boss fight, and you can play cooperatively with a second player. It is weird at first to get used to the controls, but after a minute or two, it starts making sense to not point at the screen all the time.
  • Jump Park (1-2 players)
    Your Mii will jump around in a moon-like trampoline park. You move the Wii Remote in the direction you want to fly, hitting the A button to zoom toward a trampoline. This is extremely simple, easy, and does get boring after a few plays.
  • Teeter Targets (1-2 players)
    Turn your Wii Remote to the side to control your teeter-totter, which will fling a ball through the stage. Your goal is to get as many targets as possible. Either challenge your friend to get the most points, or go through stage by stage in single player. The controls are great, and this is another one that can be addicting.
  • Spooky Search (1-4 players)
    This ghost-hunting game is one of the more interesting of the collection. Similar to Trigger Twist, you will not use the IR sensor as much as you will use Motion Plus to find the ghosts, who fly out of the TV. When you find one, your remote will make a sound, and you will bring them back to the center of the screen to capture them. This is much more fun with multiple players. It is somewhat difficult playing by yourself.
  • Wind Runner (1-4 players)
    Catch the wind with your umbrella, and ride it on your in-line skates. You can ride through a stage, picking up points, or you can compete in a long-jump contest. This is another game that is quite fun, and it is sure to get much of the playtime on Wii Play Motion. Controls are spot-on, and both modes are fun.
  • Treasure Twirl (1-2 players)
    Grab treasure from the ocean floor, and bring it to the surface. The single-player game requires you to lower, grab, and raise yourself. The two-player game only has you raising the already grabbed treasure. While you twist and tilt your remote, you also need to avoid jellyfish enemies. It is actually a bit difficult.
  • Flutter Fly (1-2 players)This is the waggle game of Wii Play Motion. Essentially, all you will do is flap your leaf to blow your balloons to the end of the maze. The calibration can get off a bit while playing, because all you are doing is waggling. Your arm gets extremely tired, and the birds chasing your balloons make you waggle even harder to move faster. This is probably one of the worst mini-games included.
  • Star Shuttle (1-2 players)
    You will use almost all the buttons on your Wii Remote to get your shuttle to the goal. Each button controls a different thruster, and motion controls the ship’s direction. This is probably one of the more difficult games to master, and because of that, it is also quite boring and annoying until you get the hang of it.

Score: 3 out of 5
Wii Play Motion has a couple stand-outs in Wind Runner and Spooky Search, but others do get annoying or boring over time. It is much more fun with friends, though, which confuses me why Nintendo did not allow for Wii Remotes to be shared in games or keep most games to 1-2 players. While there may be a few gems that you will replay over time, the overall value of Wii Play Motion lies in the ability to get a Wii Remote Plus bundled in with the game.

*Check out my live play-through of each mini-game.

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