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DodoGo Trilogy – now available through the Nintendo eShop

DodoGo Trilogy – now available through the Nintendo eShop

by Bradley DeLorenzoJuly 22, 2011

It’s Time for Nintendo 3DS Owners to Become Raiders of the Lost Eggs in the Captivating, Best-Selling, Award Winning Trilogy of Action/Puzzle Games

PARIS, FRANCE – July 22, 2011 – Alien After All and Neko Entertainment today announced that the Nintendo DSiWareTM DodoGo! trilogy consisting of DodoGo!, DodoGo! Challenge and DodoGo! Robo is now available to a new audience through the Nintendo eShop™, the digital store for Nintendo 3DSTM owners.

“With its captivating cartoon visuals, absorbing and challenging gameplay and endless replayability, the DodoGo trilogy has become a cult hit on the Nintendo DSi™ Shop”, said Denis Mercier, CEO of Alien After All,

“The launch of the Nintendo eShop provides Nintendo 3DS owners with an opportunity to download the original game experience in seconds at a very attractive price”.

DodoGo! Robo, the last installment of the trilogy, entered the U.S. Top 20 sales Nintendo DSiWareTM charts on launch and through Europe it reached #1 in UK, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Greece and #2 in France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland. Recently launched in Asia DodoGo! has entered the Japanese Top 20 Nintendo DSiWare charts too. A successful world tour served by successful awards and reviews all over the world including :

· IGN Editor’s Choice Award – “A spectacular new puzzler… the highest rating I’ve ever awarded to a DSiWare design.” IGN 9.0 (out of 10) – “Amazing”
· Milthon European Games Awards nominee as Best Mobile Game of the year
· Pocket Gamer Award
· Official Nintendo Magazine UK – “A lovable and well-designed puzzle platformer”
· The Edge Magazine – “Gorgeous art style, and enough bite-sized chunks to last many a journey“
· Recommended by Nintendo Power
· Recommended by – “Most unique and entertaining games on the DSiWare this year, so far“

About DodoGo!
DodoGo! offers players the opportunity to protect the dodo species from threatening predators. This adventure covers Domo Island, and players must explore the island thoroughly, going up and down, day and night, to save the eggs. Armed with a Nintendo 3DS stylus and rigorous logical thinking, the player will have to use hisimagination and a wealth of tricks to secure as many lost eggs as possible.

About DodoGo! Challenge
The story of DodoGo! Challenge begins in the Cretaceous period on Domo Island where the survival of the Dodo is threatened by a catastrophic event, leaving their eggs treacherously scattered across a rock in the middle ocean. Featuring nearly 100 captivating missions, players using their Nintendo 3DS stylus to guide eggs back to their nest through a range of inhospitable environments whilst encountering predators, obstacles and pitfalls along the way.

About DodoGo! Robo
Over 65 million years ago on Dodo Island, a robo-dodo arrived from the future. The D-800 is the leader of the Dodo resistance and has been programmed to complete one important mission: to train each dodo for survival. D-800 has one ally – robo-eggs – synthetic replicas of dodo eggs. With hours of gameplay, players use their Nintendo 3DS stylus to guide robo-eggs through a range of inhospitable environments whilst encountering obstacles and advanced machines.

DodoGo series currently Available On Nintendo eShop

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