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Iwata on Online Games and Services for Nintendo’s Future

Iwata on Online Games and Services for Nintendo’s Future

by Steve CullumJuly 31, 2011

The recent investors’ briefing was also a good time to learn about Nintendo’s future plans for online games and services. Iwata stated that they are preparing a paid item transaction system for both 3DS and Wii U. They are planning on getting the 3DS version to developers by the end of the year. However, they don’t plan on using this same system with their own games. They feel that free-to-play games with paid DLC might hurt Nintendo’s reputation.

Speaking of the 3DS, the internet connection rate is far higher than that of the DS, and Iwata stated Nintendo plans to build on its online eShop connection over the next three years, hoping to bring in even more people. Iwata has a large desire to create a future where players will pay for digital content just like normal with no reservations. This is a major point for Nintendo over the next three years.

Finally, Iwata states they plan on increasing their digital content, creating another “pillar.” They have no plans to cancel retail content. They just know that digital download are increasingly important in today’s gaming marketplace.

[Investors’ Briefing]

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  • August 1, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    I agreed with Iwata at first during his E3 presentation in pertaining to app games. I find the quality lacking on most of them. That being said and the more I think about the app games market in general, I think Nintendo is going to finally have to take down it’s self imposed Iron Curtain in respect to creating games for other platforms. That argument, though weak, can still be implemented in a consoles-only world, but that doesn’t exist anymore. If Nintendo want to continue being a mover in the video game world, it needs to suck up it’s pride and admit this. I would gladly play $20 for a well made Nintendo game that could be played on a tablet. They could even use this to their advantage and develop games only for the tablet and help their sales and tablet sales in this aspect. The age where Nintendo does crap work with their on-line ventures (Wii Market Place, DSiWare, eShop) has got to not only end, but get seriously better in a short amount of time or else Microsoft and Sony will (and already have at this point) run away with the competition. This means microtransactions, decent DLC and (heaven forbid) HD quality games that cost less than $15. If Nintendo continues to shun the digital marketplace, I honest don’t know how much longer they can exist as competition.

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