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Kokopolo DSiWare – Interview w/ Keith Webb

Kokopolo DSiWare – Interview w/ Keith Webb

by Jeremy HardinAugust 24, 2011
Thanks to KnucklesSonic8 over at for a great interview with Keith Webb, the designer, artist, and producer of Go! Go! Kokopolo out now for download on DSiWare.  Be sure and click on the link at the bottom for the full interview.  Once you’re done reading that, connect your DSi or 3DS to the shop channel and purchase this game.  Do it!
So, what is Go! Go! Kokopolo all about?
It’s basically a fast-paced, action title, set across 80 stages of pure arcade mayhem! Kokopolo, the hyperactive wildcat, has been rudely woken from his afternoon slumber, by the peaceful forest spirit called Jinbe. It is now up to Kokopolo to deliver a heap of over-the-top revenge on all the peaceful creatures in the forest by luring them into venus fly traps located around the stages.

You lure the creatures, by getting close and scratching at them with your set of sharp claws, shocking the enemies, and turning them angry. They then chase you in a fit of blinding rage until they either catch up with you, or you lure them into a Snap Snap Plant. You can get long chains of enemies if you pay close attention to the level layouts, but you have to look out for hazards along the way, which require quick reflexes to get through unharmed. It sounds quite ridiculous on paper, but it works really well in practice, with a nice balance of slower- and fast-paced gameplay over the same areas for additional depth!

Kokopolo’s character was slightly inspired by a psychotic white cat my parents adopted a few years back after it had strayed into our garden. It would try to scratch you then quickly dash away hoping you’d chase it, and looking back that was probably the initial inspiration for the main gameplay mechanic. I guess you can find inspiration anywhere!

Source: Wiiloveit

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