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Nintendo 3DS and the Lack of Mii Support

Nintendo 3DS and the Lack of Mii Support

by Steve CullumSeptember 7, 2011

If you were like me, you probably got excited to see that Nintendo’s avatar system was carried over to their newest handheld console. I had visions of using my Mii in various games, virtually traveling to another 3DS, connecting with the Mii already on my Wii, and playing around with my Mii in a virtual world. Unfortunately, many of those dreams have not seen the light of day.

Do not get me wrong. There is some Mii support on the 3DS. For instance, I can use the AR cards to make my Mii sit around my house. If I have a large enough card, I can even make him life-size or bigger. I can also use my Mii in the Find Mii mini-game. If I have StreetPass turned on, my Mii will visit another 3DS and visa versa. All in all, is that enough?

Other than the promise of an updated Mii Plaza later this year, and using them in Mario Kart 7 and Pokemon Rumble Blast, what else is coming for the Mii on 3DS? Will they be present in Animal Crossing? Will there be more connection between the Mii on our 3DS and Wii or Wii U? I guess only time will tell. Maybe we will find out more during the 3DS Event on September 13. In the meantime, please share with us what kind of 3DS Mii support you would like to see.

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