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Nnooo issues second part of 3 part feature on escapeVektor: Chapter 1

Nnooo issues second part of 3 part feature on escapeVektor: Chapter 1

by Jeremy HardinSeptember 19, 2011

escapeVektor™: Chapter 1 is a retro styled arcade game for WiiWare™ in which the player controls Vektor, an entity trapped inside the player’s CPU. Each level consists of a series of interconnected lines which form cells. These are claimed as Vektor moves along them. Claiming all of the cells in a level unlocks the exit to the next level, bringing Vektor closer to his escape.

However, this is no ordinary CPU. It has held Vektor captive for what feels like an eternity and it doesn’t want him to leave now. As Vektor progresses with his escape, the CPU sets up obstacles and sends out its army to destroy him.

We told you about about those dumb Patrols in the first part of our escapeVektor: Chapter 1 feature. We also described the dangerous Electric Fences and Cannons, not to mention Vektor’s useful Boost ability. Now it’s time to find out about another enemy and see how you get Vektor out of there.

Hunters are much more intelligent than Patrols. They will search the whole level in their attempt to track you down. They’re not fully awake when they spawn though and may just pick the wrong direction when chasing you. But as they start to wake up, they become more alert and are more likely to track you down, so there’s no room for complacency when dealing with these tricky enemies.

Hunters are sometimes spawned by passing through a switch, so think about which parts of a level you complete first. Spawning a hunter early in a level means he’ll be chasing you while you’re dealing with everything else that’s going on. Waiting until you’ve nearly completed the level before triggering the Hunter is far more tactical. However, if you’re an adrenalin junkie who likes white knuckle rides, go ahead, and spawn the Hunters early. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Once you’ve claimed all of the cells in a level, you’ll trigger the exit and every enemy will be destroyed. Enemies respawn though, some of them very quickly, so you might just find yourself in trouble even on your way to the exit. Try to make sure you’re not over an enemy spawn point when the exit has been triggered. All of your hard work may have been in vain if a rapidly spawning enemy destroys you on your way out.

Hidden Areas    
Sometimes triggering an exit will also unlock a hidden area in a level. Completing these areas will trigger a second exit which will lead to a different level; sometimes a level with a timed challenge or occasionally a shortcut to one of the later levels of the game. If you choose to enter one of these later levels, be prepared for the difficulty to ramp up significantly!

Unlocking Vektor’s Memories 
Vektor has been locked inside the CPU for so long that he’s forgotten how he got there in the first place. Moving through the CPU will help him unlock his memories so you need to make sure you get through all of the levels. If your strategy is to get to the final level as quickly as you can through the hidden exits, be sure to go back and complete the levels you skipped so that all Vektor’s memories are unlocked.

There are 40 Badges to collect in the game. We don’t want to give away too much at this stage but you’re going to have to be pretty damned dedicated to get them all. Just sayin’…

Your score at the end of each level will determine whether you win a medal or not. The time you take to complete the level is an important factor in the score so don’t worry if you initially don’t get a platinum medal in the early levels. Once you unlock Boost, go back and have another try. You’ll find it easier to get a higher score.

If you win a bronze or silver medal, you’ve certainly got the hang of things. You’ll need to be little more adept to win a gold medal though, and downright professional to even get a look at a platinum. Be warned, we’ve set the bar high!
Which path will you choose to take? Whatever it is, watch out for these Hunters and try not to let that CPU get the upper hand.

In the next part of our escapeVektor: Chapter 1 feature, we’ll tell you about the most dangerous enemies, the Interceptors. Meanwhile,  have a look at this video to see just what these Hunters are really like.

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escapeVektor: Chapter 1 is scheduled for release on WiiWare in The Americas, Europe, Australia and NZ on September 29th for 500 Nintendo Points.

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