Super Smash Bros 4 Universe – Name Possibly Leaked

Universe… Doe’s this include EVERYONE?

Who would you like to see in the new Smash Bros?


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  • DarkWish

    It’s fake. The source is ZeldaInformer and they’ve been known to make stuff up many times.

    • Guest

      No, the source was found on (NSFW), a Japanese image board.

      • Codyryan0922

        What I whant to know is what if thay have a story mode and this one tells us what a smash is , how is gives them a power boost, how there worlds combine in the first place, what is master hand ,if crazy hand a clone or brother, if a clone who made the clone, what is taboo, who created r.o.b, how Mr game and watch is there, what is Mr game and watch, who found and capshered Mr game and watch, who revives all of them , how he finds them ,how snake finds his whay to the helmbrid,who stoll it, how did thay stell it , why thay stoll it and how did sonic find taboo

        • super paratroopa guy

          I know im thinking that to how did they do all that stuff? and how did Sonic find taboo? Because sonic did’nt appear at all through the hole story mode until the end at taboo. so i agree with you!

        • Dragonbreath Abel65

          R.O.B. is a peripheral for the NES!

  • super paratroopa guy

    how do we know this is not a fake? But… if it is real i want all the characters from melee and brawl but not snake. new characters goomba/toad/daisy/lakitu/koopa troopa/baby mario/baby luigi/dry bones/pokemon black and white trainer with oshiwott servine and emboar. then munna and munna has 7 jumps because munna allways float in the air. and last but not least tiff and her brother i can spell is name lol thats it but if they dont put these characters in  i wonder witch ones they will put in the game. I can’t wait.

    • Flewis02

      i loved snake, he was out of place but a great addition, if they tweak his moves a bit hell be a must have, goombas suck, toad will suck, any baby character will suck, drybones will suck, they should just be trophies, i wanna see lil mac, more sonic ppl, CAPCOM is a must dammit, zero and X would be perfect, dr wily with all his stuff against dr robotnik (no i wont call him eggman!!) castlvania ppl too, simon and alucard, more metroid ppl, the hunters would be good, and how about a poll to allow ppl to vote on new characters to be added using download? is that too hard NINTENDO!

  • Jonathan Alvizuris

    it most likely does include everyone hope mewtwo comes back!!!!

  • Hawkins

    Chances are, the document is probably fake, but hypathetically speaking, I would like to see a few capcom characters on the roster.

  • sonic

    i would like to see tails and kunckles and shadow and sonic.tails smash attck is super tails, kunckles is he use the master ermarld and derstory everyone on the stage,shadow he go super shadow and shoot chaos spear,sonic is super sonic and he can use this whirl wind attck while he fly around.

  • Nomed

    They should make a mini story for each character like soul calibur  and yes they should have sonic characters including amy and the should have all the mario ppl and fire emblem and they should do something better with the pokemon add megaman thatd be cool starfox ppl umm zelda mask characters zoran goran deku scrub ect. banjo conker kirby characters put some Final fantasy characters on it i got all kinds of ideas  

  • Kao8181

    i would like to see princess daisy, waluigi, birdo, dixie kong, toon zelda, midna, toon ling, young link, baby brothers, baby peach, baby daisy, dark samus, ridley, roy, lyn, and paluntena.