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FIFA 12 Youth Academy Career Mode

FIFA 12 Youth Academy Career Mode

by Jeremy HardinSeptember 27, 2011

For some reason the audio is not working. Here is a transcript of the video.


Player Growth


So one of the major criticisms in FIFA 11 Career Mode was the lack of player growth so young players didn’t grow quickly enough. You sent them on loan to another club and they didn’t grow at all so obviously that’s a major thing we have to improve this year and players will now grow at a much more rapid pace and they grow towards the potential they’ve got in our data base



Youth Academy


And to team up with the improved player growth we now have a youth academy or a scouting network feature in the game so you can hire three scouts and send them off to different parts of the world for varying lengths of time and each month they will come back with a list of players that they’ve discovered in that area and they will have vague, imperfect information about quite how good the player may be, what positions he might become adept at and you get three choices each month.


Basically you can take that player to your team now, you can reject that player or you can keep scouting that player and if you keep scouting that player month after month the information gets more and more precise so in the beginning your scout might say “this player could be anything between a 60 and an 85”. After a few months he might be telling you it’s between a 75 and an 80 so do you wait or do you snap the player up early? If you wait there’s a danger that other clubs are in that part of the world and they might take that player away from under your nose so there’s that whole risk reward thing of act early and be decisive or play the waiting game and get the information but then ultimately get beaten to the signature.


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