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The Other Brother Art Show

The Other Brother Art Show

by Jeremy HardinOctober 13, 2011

For all those who live in or near the Toronto area, listen up! On October 22, 2011 artist Steve Kasan and others will be hosting an exhibition for all things Luigi.  Check out some of their pieces below and hit up the link to their tumblr site for more images and info.  Support them if you can!

Here is a quick interview I had with Steve Kasan via email.

NF: How many artists are participating in the show?
SK: There are a total of 9 artists.  It’s not a big show.
NF: How long have you all been doing this? How do you know each other?
SK: My friend, Mark, and I decided this past March to create this show.  We always talk about putting on a show, but, it just ends up as talk.  Here, we are actually doing something. So, I would not say it is a big show. It is our first anyways and I personally wouldn’t want something grandiose.  I have known Mark for awhile. Most of the artists are people we knew going to college for Illustration & Graphic Design.  Mark is the big Nintendo fan boy. Myself, I admit I was more a Genesis kid back in the day but I had my Nintendo systems.  At first, we talked about putting on a show for Mario. But, there in lies the problem. Another show about Mario? Mario is everywhere.  I go to Best Buy and see Mario oriented things to buy. He is Nintendo’s poster boy. So, I suggested to Mark, forget Mario, why don’t we make it about Luigi and call it The Other Brother Art Show? That idea steam rolled, we got some people involved, got the venue, and, next week we will have the show.



Held on the Saturday of the 22nd from 3pm-10pm
Location is at the UCBA Centre at 1776 Midland Ave, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1P 3N4
There is FREE parking and the event is FREE admission.

There will be some food provided for visitors.
Drinks — Non-Alcoholic due to the venue hosting

A Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament with a Luigi prize pack


If you’re driving, East or West, on the 401 get off at the McCowan Exit South drive to Ellesmere Rd. Turn West on Ellesmere Rd to Midland Ave. Head South on Midland Ave and 1776 is on the Right Side.

Coming by TTC, get to the Midland Rapid Transit Stop and take the TTC bus heading South on Midland Ave.

Here is a Google Maps of the Location:

Hope to see you at the show. LETS-A-GO!!!!!


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