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Mario Kart 7 – Everything We Know so Far

Mario Kart 7 – Everything We Know so Far

by Bradley DeLorenzoNovember 1, 2011



Mushroom Cup

– Toad Circuit: Generic starter track, first use of glider.
Daisy Hills: The track with the hot air balloons. Features long gliding section and rams.
Cheep Cheep Lagoon: First water level, shown off at E3 and demoed multiple times.
Shy Guy Bazaar: Arabian themed with multiple routes.

Flower Cup

Wuhu Loop: The track that is one long lap. There are giant cars you need to dodge.
Mario Circuit: Contains a lot of coins for unlocking parts.
Music Park: Music themed, features piranha plants and music notes that shake the ground.
Rock Rock Mountain: Another air themed track, has a lot of shortcuts to take.

Shell Cup

Luigi Raceway (N64)
Bowser’s Castle 1 (GBA)
Mushroom Gorge (Wii)
Luigi’s Mansion (DS)

Banana Cup:

– Koopa Beach (N64)
– Mario Circuit 2 (SNES)
– Coconut Mall (Wii)
– Waluigi Pinball (DS)


It has been confirmed that there will be more than what has been released (below) so far.


– Mario
– Luigi
– Princess Peach
– Princess Daisy
– Toad
– Yoshi
– Koopa Troopa
– Bowser
– Donkey Kong
– Wario
– Shy Guy
– Rosalina
– Mii


– Lakitu (red shell)
– Metal Mario
– Honey Queen
– Wiggler


– Grand Goombas
– Swoopers
– Tiki Goons
– Screaming Pillars
– Cheep-Cheeps
– Clampies
– Banzai Bills
– Lakitu (green shell)
– Penguins
– Sheep or possibly goats


– Fire Flower is on a timer.
– Last item in the lucky seven is a mushroom
– Tanooki tail deflects shells back.


New additions to the game include hang-gliding attachments for karts and the ability to drive underwater.

While carrying on from the traditional Mario Kart gameplay, Mario Kart 7 introduces several new gameplay features. Players are able to customize their vehicles, choosing from various frames which range in weight, a selection of tires which affect a kart’s handling on certain surfaces and an additional gadget. The currently announced gadget is a hang glider attachment, which allows players to glide through the air after hitting certain ramps, collecting coins in midair or finding new routes that can only be reached in midair. Players can also drive underwater for the first time, offering various routes through each course. The game will also feature new weapons, such as the Fire Flower and the Super Leaf.

The game can also be played in an optional first-person mode which utilizes gyroscopic controls. Returning features include coins from Super Mario Kart, which increase a player’s speed and defense, and the trick system from Mario Kart Wii which lets players earn boost by performing tricks in the air.[6] The game will feature online multiplayer for up to eight players, and will also make use of StreetPass functionality.

[Source for Tracks]

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